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RCP Excellence in Patient Care Awards

Excellence in Patient Care Awards 2021 have now closed!

The RCP's Excellence in Patient Care Awards (EPCA) aim to recognise, celebrate and promote the work that physicians do to improve patient care through education, policy, clinical practice and research.

Now, more than ever, it’s important that we acknowledge the hard work and dedication of our members and fellows.

Entries are now closed for the EPCA 2021. The winners will later be declared in May 2021.

Award categories

Our categories are:

  • Digital award
  • Innovation award
  • International award
  • Medical education and training award
  • Person-centred care award
  • Quality improvement award
  • Research award
  • Welfare and wellbeing award
  • Contribution to the profession award (nomination only)

This year we’ve introduced a new category: Excellence in times of crisis

Recognises and rewards dedication to healthcare during time of exceptional crisis or emergency incident. We particularly welcome applications related to COVID-19.


EPCA 2021 winners receive:

  • £1,000
  • a commemorative plaque
  • promotion of their winning project by the RCP.

EPCA 2020

Due to COVID-19 restrictions we were unable to hold a dedicated awards ceremony this year. Instead, we announced the winners during a virtual ceremony between 13–19 May 2020.

The booklet of winners and finalists created for EPCA 2020 can be downloaded below.

EPCA 2020 on RCP Player

In a short series of videos on RCP Player, the EPCA 2020 winners of the person-centred care, welfare and wellbeing, and research awards have spoken to us in-depth about their winning projects.

In one video, Dr Chris Speers talks about the scope of Moving Medicine and how it impacts patient-centred care. In another, Dr Michael Blaber from the Professionals together scheme talks about aiming to equip and empower FY1 doctors as they move into the profession. In the third video, Dr Colin Rees discusses the winning research project, to deliver world-leading endoscopy research across the UK, and the impact this research has had.