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Turner-Warwick lectures

The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) Turner-Warwick lecturer scheme for trainee physicians is now in its second year. Celebrating the life and achievements of the RCP’s first female President, Dame Margaret Turner-Warwick, it has become a popular addition to the regional Update in Medicine conferences.

For 2020, the RCP again plans to select a lecturer from the trainees in each region, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic these lectures will now be presented on our digital platforms.

It was an honour to be awarded the Turner-Warwick lecture in celebration of Dame Turner-Warwick’s life and achievements.

Dr Matthew Pavitt, specialist registrar – respiratory medicine Royal Brompton Hospital


Trainees at IMT, CMT, ACCS-AM or ST3-7 level (or equivalent) are invited to apply. To be eligible they should not be expecting to complete training (i.e. obtain their CCT) before 30 November 2020.

Trainees should apply for the region where they are currently training.  If you are a consultant physician please consider encouraging trainees to apply.

How to apply

Applicants need to submit an abstract of the proposed lecture, which should be based on their work in one of the following areas (maximum 250 words):

  • clinical research
  • successful quality improvement programme (QIP)
  • achievements in medical education

The lecturer will receive a plaque from the president of the RCP and be invited to the Harveian Oration and dinner. There will also be an overall winner awarded, and they will be invited to present at the opening plenary session at Medicine 2021. In addition, the RCP will be producing an online yearbook of the 2020 Turner-Warwick lecturers.

Abstracts should be submitted using the online abstract submission form and will require a consultant supporting statement. All abstracts will be anonymised for the assessment process.   

RCP membership

Please note that although you do not need to be an RCP subscribing member to apply, all winning applicants will be offered free RCP membership for one year (either on renewal or as a new member). 

Application dates and online submission form

Applications are still open for eight of the following regions/nations and please select your respective location to access the online application form.  Lectures will be delivered on our digital platforms, dates to be agreed with the successful applicants.

Turner-Warwick 2020 deadlines for applications

Region Closing date
East Midlands 29 Nov 19
Mersey 13 Jan 20
South West 30 Nov 19
KSS 17 Jan 20
Oxford & Thames Valley 10 Feb 20
Eastern 16 Feb 20
N. Ireland 12 Jul 20
Wessex 12 Jul 20
North West 12 Jul 20
West Midlands 12 Jul 20
Yorkshire 26 Jul 20
Wales 26 Jul 20
Northern 26 Jul 20
London 26 Jul 20

Guidance for applicants

The lecture must be designed to be of educational value to a general medical audience and should include an evidence-based overview of the clinical topic. For example, if the lecturer's topic is based around a QIP they have carried out on the management of sepsis in their hospital, the lecture would provide an overview of current best practice in the management of sepsis.

Guidance for consultants

Supporting information may include comments on the trainee's work described in the abstract, their contribution to that work, or their academic, clinical and educational track record. Please comment on their lecturing/presentation skills, if possible. Supporting statements should be no longer than 150 words.


For more information, contact Gill Brown, Deputy Head of UK Regions by phone on +44 (0)1858 458080, or email at gill.brown@rcplondon.ac.uk.

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