RCP Medicine podcast

The RCP Medicine podcast is a weekly discussion of different topics relevant to physicians and physician associates.

The podcast is hosted by Dr Amie Burbridge, a consultant in acute medicine from Coventry, and Dr Hussain Basheer, RCP Education fellow and a respiratory registrar from Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

Each week they discuss and explore a different topic, including:

  • real-life clinical cases
  • new evidence-based guidelines
  • specific physician issues in the modern healthcare environment.

The views expressed in this podcast are those of Amie and Hussain and not necessarily the RCP.

Podcast episodes

1. Pulmonary Embolism on the Acute Take

Amie explores the investigation and management of suspected pulmonary emboli on the acute take, discussing the merits of ambulatory care, with references to recent NICE and BTS guidelines


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2. Off Legs on a Sunday Morning

Hussain recounts a devastating neurology case from a weekend on-call. 


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3. The Acute, Hot Joint

Amie gives us a quick run-through of the investigation and management of the acute, hot joint


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4. COPD in a Hurry

Hussain runs through the management of COPD presentations on the acute take, with some important points about smoking and vaping. 


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5. A Difficult Day

Hussain discusses a tragic case that highlights the challenges of having difficult conversations during a busy on-call shift.


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6. Just One More to See

Amie talks us through a hard-hitting case of infective endocarditis. 


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