Joining the RCP's Patient and Carer Network

The Patient and Carer Network (PCN) is a network of volunteers in England and Wales who support and shape the work of the RCP.  The RCP and the PCN aim to improve care for patients and influence the future of health and healthcare.

How to join

Members of the PCN take part in focus groups, committees and workshops on a range of topics affecting patients, the NHS and hospital doctors. PCN members review and comment on policies, reports and guidance to make sure patient and carer experience informs all aspects of the RCP’s work.  

Working together with doctors, PCN members help the RCP to remain receptive, responsive and relevant to patients, carers and the public.

Why do people join the PCN?

By joining the PCN, members become part of an engaging group of volunteers who interact online and in person. Roles vary depending on members’ experiences, interests and availability – from participating in surveys and responding to consultations, to taking part in workshops, and events.

PCN members have:  

  • an interest in health or social care
  • the desire to improve health and healthcare
  • the ability to volunteer time either online or in person
  • respect for diversity
  • the ability to work well with others.

Volunteers join the PCN to make a difference. Areas where the PCN has made a significant impact include:

Further examples of how the PCN has worked to achieve these aims are highlighted in the PCN Impact Report 2017, which provides more detail on the range of projects and activities PCN members have been involved in. 

How to join the PCN

If you would like to join the PCN please get in contact with our Patient Involvement Unit at requesting a demonstration of interest form. We will get in touch shortly providing you with details on the next steps.