Art Exhibition and Herbarium Exhibition

When and where

20 August 2018
Royal College of Physicians of London

Art Exhibition and Herbarium Exhibition

This two week long exhibition will contain paintings from the recently published book 'The illustrated College Herbal. Plants from the Pharmacopea Londonensis of 1618' and treasures from the Herbarium of the Pharmaceutical Society.

Preview evening
The exhibitions will open with a preview and drinks reception from 3 - 8pm on Monday 20 August in the Dorchester Library of the College.

Please book for this preview evening by clicking through on the right hand side. You do not need to book to make a visit any other time

3pm – 8pm
Tea will be served from 3pm
Drinks reception from 6pm
Paintings from the Illustrated College Herbal
Talks at 4pm and 6.30pm
Treasures from the College’s Herbarium of the Pharmaceutical Society
Talks at 4.30pm and 7.00pm

Private view evenings will be held on other occasions by special request

Opening times
10am – 5pm
Tuesday 21 August – Friday 24 August,
Monday 27 August – Thursday 30 August
(The art exhibition will be taken down on Friday 31 August)

The botanical art work that will be on display was published in The Illustrated College Herbal. Plants from the Pharmacopoea Londinensis of 1618. It illustrates the medicinal plants that were used 400 years ago to make medicines for the College Physicians. They range from watercolours on paper and vellum, to pencil drawings and lithographs to pen and ink.

There will be a price list for those paintings which will be for sale and no commission will be charged.

The herbarium exhibition will highlight plant specimens from all over the world which are in the 6000 examples in the herbarium of the Pharmaceutical Society. The ones chosen had importance in cardiac medicine in the 19th century, and will be shown in association with the exhibition in the College of the works of William Harvey who first described how the blood travelled from the heart around the body and the lungs.  Information on some of the great plant collectors from that era will be displayed, with a particular interest in the medical men who risked their lives collecting in perilous places.

Paintings will be for sale
Postcards of the paintings will be for sale
Copies of the The Illustrated College Herbal will be for sale