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Fellows of the RCP are distinguished consultants or SAS doctors and are given the honour of using the FRCP (Fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians) postnominal. RCP  fellows’ standout contributions to medicine are recognised and their voice is amplified to shape the future of healthcare.

As an RCP fellow, you will belong to an influential and diverse community of genuine changemakers, who value your expertise to shape better, more equitable healthcare. Fellowship also provides the professional recognition that your achievements deserve, opportunities to fulfil advisory and leadership roles, and a platform to further your career. If you want to propose someone for fellowship, or self-propose, visit our fellowship proposal webpage.

Benefits of fellowship

RCP fellowship enables you to join a vibrant and engaged community driving regional, national and international change, and promotes recognition of your specialist contribution and knowledge. As part of this influential community, your expertise and experience will continually develop.

Fellowship also opens up opportunities to support up-and-coming colleagues – by representing them in advisory and leadership roles (within the RCP and externally), promoting clinician career development, and ensuring that they get the recognition they deserve.

The rights of a fellow include:

  • use of the FRCP postnominal
  • the right to stand as a candidate as well as vote in RCP presidential, officer and councillor elections and to attend the AGM
  • the right to propose others for fellowship
  • the right to hold advisory and leadership roles within the RCP and externally.

Your benefits will also include:

To see a complete list of benefits you'll receive, check out the benefits list at the bottom of the page.

How to become a fellow

Fellowship offers more than just membership; it’s an accolade, and as such there are specific ways in which a member can become a fellow. The ability of the RCP to represent our profession in these extraordinary times is wholly dependent on the strength and diversity of our members and fellows. The process is the same for UK consultants, SAS doctors and international physicians and there is no deadline for submitting a proposal as the process runs throughout the year. Find out more on our fellowship proposal webpage.