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Delivering research for all: What next?

There is growing momentum behind promoting a research-active NHS workforce following RCP’s statement, Delivering research for all.

Key voices in the health sector including Dame Sally Davies, Chief Medical Officer for England, offer their views on the importance of increasing research activity and how this can be achieved. See the video below for a snapshot of the reaction so far.

Data from the National Institute for Health Research shows record numbers of patients are participating in research. However, almost two-thirds of doctors (64%) still say they would like to do more research but are prevented by lack of time.

The RCP will be working closely with the British Medical Association, research and industry groups, charities and key decision-makers in the NHS to tackle this and make the case for more clinical research, with the ultimate aim of boosting patient outcomes.

Giving doctors, clinicians and nurses protected time for research is critical to increasing research activity and one of the RCP’s policy priorities. We will monitor data from our members about their involvement in research and from CQC inspection data to see what progress we’re making.

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