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Free seminar: 'Keeping patients safe – Trust me I'm a computer?'

On Wednesday 5 October 2016 the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) hosted the fourth in a series of events focused on patient safety, this time looking at the impact digital technology and health informatics can have on keeping patients safe.

As well as hearing from guest speaker Harold Thimbleby, professor of computer science at Swansea University and expert adviser to the RCP's Health Informatics Unit, the seminar was an opportunity to hear about the wide-ranging work the RCP is undertaking to support improvements in patient safety.

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A talk by Professor Harold Thimbleby, Swansea University, on the hazards of healthcare technology given at the RCP's Patient Safety Seminar on 5 October 2016

Patient safety at the RCP

The principles of quality improvement – improving quality, measuring quality and setting standards for quality – are embedded in all of the RCP’s work. The key to improving quality is ensuring there are high standards of safety for all patients receiving medical treatment across the NHS.

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