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Healthcare sustainability project launches new NHS impact animation

The RCP has launched a new animated video outlining the impact the NHS has on the environment, and how health professionals can incorporate sustainability in their work.

The video, produced by the RCP's healthcare sustainability project, highlights how NHS activity can impact environmental issues such as climate change, reduce air quality, and lead to long term conditions for patients including respiratory diseases and cancers.

Dr Toby Hillman, RCP clinical lead for sustainability, said:  

Each year, the NHS produces more carbon emissions than all the planes taking off from Heathrow combined. As guardians of health we have a responsibility to consider the environment in our everyday decisions.

By producing this video we are encouraging health professionals to look for ways to promote health through environmentally friendly practice.This will protect patients and potentially the NHS’ purse.

The RCP has encouraged all NHS organisations to spread the word by sharing the video and reviewing the RCP’s reports on healthcare sustainability, including ‘Less waste, more health’.