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New National Clinical Guideline for Stroke (2023) now published

The 2023 edition of the National Clinical Guideline for Stroke for the UK and Ireland is now available. The guideline is endorsed for use in clinical practice by the RCP, the Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN) and the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland.

Over half the recommendations are new or have been updated. Major changes in the evidence base since the previous edition in 2016 have led to significant updates in three key areas: 

  • A big expansion of patients eligible for thrombolysis and thrombectomy  
  • More intensive interventions in secondary prevention – antiplatelets, cholesterol, blood pressure 
  • More intensive rehab in hospital and at home to promote motor and language recovery.  

Compared to the 2016 edition, there are new/expanded sections on thrombectomy/thrombolysis, rehab potential, remotely delivered therapy, fatigue, return to work, CADASIL, CAA, cerebral microbleeds, and more.

For the first time this is a ‘five nations’ guideline, covering all of the UK and the Republic of Ireland, aimed at ensuring the same high standards of care and treatment across all countries. 

Publication is online only at www.strokeguideline.org. This is supported by a plain language summary for people affected by stroke.    

For more information

Questions about the guideline can be emailed to the coordinating body, strokeguideline@kcl.ac.uk.