Professor Jane Dacre urges prime minister to relax visa restrictions for overseas doctors

The president of the RCP has written to Theresa May in response to a report in the Evening Standard stating that calls for a relaxation of visa rules to allow overseas doctors to work in the NHS were vetoed.

In the letter, Professor Jane Dacre expresses her concern to the prime minister:

I would greatly welcome clarification of the reasoning behind this decision, particularly given the need for more doctors to ensure safe staffing levels for patient care.

Professor Dacre highlights the need for more doctors in the NHS and recommends excluding applications for shortage occupations from the tier 2 allocation process to help ease pressure.

The RCP president also recommends expanding the Medical Training Initiative (MTI) and giving consideration to the development of a scheme like the MTI for junior doctors from non-priority countries where the RCP has strong links, including Australia and Singapore. In addition, her letter calls on the government to seek to establish a scheme to attract students from particular countries to study medicine on a tier 4 student visa in the UK.


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