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RCP launches 'Research for all: Sharing good practice in research management'

Today the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) launches its new report - Research for all: Sharing good practice in research management.

Following the publication of Research for all  in 2016, this follow up report outlines the conditions needed to support research directors, managers, clinical and non-clinical staff and, ultimately, patients. By way of over 50 case studies the report builds upon the recommendations for collaboration and provides real world examples of good practice to inspire both doctors and researchers alike. 

The varied approach is reflected in a range of case studies:

'Solent NHS Trust is extending its research culture as part of everyday care via a ‘Count Me In’ campaign. This essentially informs all patients served by the trust about research opportunities that would be suitable for them'

'In Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, there are a number of support opportunities for staff to learn and develop research skills. A peer research support group is held every 6–8 weeks, facilitated by R&D staff and covering a range of topics, and is open to staff from all disciplines. A popular recent topic has been how to pitch your research in 3 minutes!'

'Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust appointed a joint research nurse post between acute and community. This role provides support for research studies that cross organisational boundaries. The nurse can follow the patient pathway, relieving blocks as they occur between organisations and services.'

The examples of good practice from NHS organisations around the country aim to help build the knowledge base for all involved in research. By recognising and addressing barriers to pursuing research, the report encourages both doctors and R&D departments to underpin research as a core activity and demonstrate how it is everyone’s responsibility.  

On the report, academic vice president Professor Margaret Johnson said:

In 2016, Research for all reflected on what doctors saw as the barriers to research and highlighted a need for better communication and working with their R&D departments. This new report has been produced in collaboration with research directors and managers across the country to highlight good practice in collaboration, championing of research and the benefits of good communication. I am thrilled to see over 50 case studies showing just how much is going on at present and we are pleased to be able to share this work with others.

As a researcher and a physician I hope that others will be able to use this report in their day to day activities.

Notes to editors

For more information or to arrange an interview with RCP academic vice president Professor Margaret Johnson please contact Morgan Evans, senior communications adviser by email or phone .

In publishing this report, we would like to acknowledge the R&D Forum members and NIHR Ashridge R&D Leaders and Managers community for providing examples of best practice. Further case studies are available on the RCP website and the R&D Forum resource exchange.

The report is also supported by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists, Royal College of Psychiatrists, Royal College of Anaesthetists, Royal College of Radiologists, Royal College of Pathologists and the Royal College of Surgeons of England.