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RCP responds to cancellation of IMT interviews 2021

The RCP is very sorry to hear the news that due to the pressures on the NHS from the current COVID pandemic, IMT interviews are cancelled.

We recognise this important gateway to entering physicianly training as an opportunity for dedicated applicants to demonstrate their clinical acumen, commitment to specialty and passion for their chosen career.

We are disappointed that the current crisis has led to this loss, acknowledging that the recruitment team at the Physician Specialty Recruitment Office (PSRO) has worked hard to produce a workable alternative. We recognise that the contingency plan has been designed to assess each doctors’ achievements to date, and will be verified by an experienced physician. This will be alongside a review of the application form to look at the non-technical skills required and valued by doctors such as teamwork within multi-professional teams, communication and self-reflective practice.

All that said it is hugely disappointing for trainees who have been working so hard and whose training has been deeply affected. The pandemic will have lasting effects and all the agencies involved with their training have a duty to engage with them to ensure trainees’ voices are included in any new plans that have to be made.

We await further information to be published, including the exact scoring matrix to determine ranking will be published if the contingency plan is to be enacted.

The RCP Trainees’ Committee elaborate on the decision and explain how they’ve been advocating for trainees with regards to recruitment in their statement below.

The committee and Linacre Fellow are keen to receive feedback from members and to represent these to the Physician Specialty Recruitment Office.


IMT Recruitment 2021 TC statement 134.68 KB Uploaded: 8 January 2021