RCP responds to GMC report on BAME doctors

The RCP has responded to a report by the General Medical Council (GMC) titled Fair to Refer? It explores the disproportionate number of fitness to practise referrals of black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) doctors made to the GMC.

The Fair to Refer?  report follows closely from the GMC’s recent publication of the Independent review of gross negligence and manslaughter and culpable homicide.

RCP response to the independent review of gross negligence manslaughter and culpable homicide.

In response to the publication, Professor Andrew Goddard, RCP president said: 

‘This report provides a welcome and necessary step in tackling the inequalities faced by BAME doctors and offering practical support for doctors new to the UK. We must all reflect on the fact BAME doctors are more likely to be referred to the GMC than their white counterparts, and that we must work together to make changes in the NHS. The report makes clear that the GMC, employers and managers must do more to promote and embed an inclusive, engaged, and positive leadership culture throughout the NHS, as well as action to improve consistency across the UK. This is certainly a priority for the RCP.
‘We urge the GMC to work with stakeholders to implement the recommendations without delay. This work should build on findings in the Independent review of gross negligence and manslaughter and culpable homicide report published earlier this month. It is absolutely essential that we move away from a blame culture to a learning culture, as we all know that will benefit both patients and doctors.’