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RCP responds to NHS Race and Health Observatory report

The RCP has responded to the NHS Race and Health Observatory’s report on Ethnic Inequalities in Healthcare. 

The NHS Race and Health Observatory has published The Observatory has published a rapid review into ethnic health inequalities across a range of areas including key priorities set by the independent health body.  

In response to the report, Professor Ramesh Arasaradnam, academic vice president of the Royal College of Physicians, said: “This report is difficult but essential reading. It is unacceptable that people from minority ethnic health backgrounds are experiencing racism when they are interacting with the NHS and facing poorer health outcomes.  

“As the report highlights, we must do more to understand the full scale of these challenges as in a number of key areas the scope of existing research is too limited.  

“There is an urgent need to do better in this area and I hope that all the important recommendations set out in the report will now be taken forward. Ultimately change will come from increasing the diversity of those who lead and work in the NHS. That is why the RCP has called for wider participation in medical schools.”