RCP says CQC's report on never events should 'sit side by side' with patient safety strategy for the NHS

The Care Quality Commission’s (CQC) new report, Opening the door to change, should 'sit side by side' with the patient safety strategy for the NHS according to Dr John Dean, RCP clinical director for quality improvement and patient safety.

Commenting on the report, which looks at NHS safety culture and the need for transformation, Dr Dean said:

We welcome today’s CQC report regarding never events as well as the development of the patient safety strategy for the NHS, which should both sit side by side. This is an important time to focus on the way that clinicians, patients and the service work together to minimise harm or the potential of harm from care – overcoming challenges and learning not only from each other nationally, but from other sectors.
We must move from a place where we assume care is safe until something goes wrong, to working in a way as teams that minimises the chances of harm. This should build in safety to daily practice, and be open and supportive when error occurs. The RCP looks forward to providing continued support to national bodies and providing essential support to frontline staff. We must ensure patient safety is a core part of professionalism and patients are involved at every stage.

Opening the door to change examines the underlying issues in NHS trusts that contribute to the occurrence of never events and the learning that can apply to wider safety issues. It seeks to understand what makes it easier, and what makes it harder, for the different people and organisations in the system to prevent never events and deliver safe care more widely.