East, Central and Southern Africa College of Physicians (ECSACoP)

The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) is supporting the East, Central and Southern Africa College of Physicians (ECSACoP) in its efforts to double the number of physicians being trained in the region by 2030.

What we are doing

ECSACoP is rewriting the way in which postgraduate medical education is delivered and assessed in East, Central and Southern Africa. With a common curriculum and standardised training methodologies, the college's postgraduate medical qualification will be accepted as gold standard throughout the region. Its blended learning, using the best of the new technologies, will radically change the way in which trainers and trainees interact.

College without Walls

This is a 'College without Walls', with faculty from a multitude of nations learning and developing together, sharing experience, and refining curricula for the emerging cadre of physicians that will go on to lead health systems across the region. This new cadre of physicians will be better equipped to lead, to manage and to steward the vital resources that can dramatically improve health outcomes for all, especially those in remote or difficult-to-reach communities.

Expanding the number of health workers, and transforming their education at the same time, has the potential to accelerate health equity and inclusive economic growth. ECSACoP itself is designed to become self-sustaining after a number of years. Once established, ECSACoP examinations, courses and workshops will become income earners for the college, allowing its council to reinvest in scholarships for additional trainees.


ECSACoP's focus on equipping physicians with the requisite skills to become effective teachers and leaders - as much as effective clinicians - will radically improve the management of health systems in the region. Our goals are to: 

  • increase number in training by 50% by 2025
  • double number being trained by 2030 - in the regions, not the capital cities
  • harmonise standards across the region
  • positively impact 200 million lives.

Physicians for Africa

The RCP also supports the development of ESCACoP by through fundraising efforts and sponsorship opportunities. 

What we have produced

The East, Central and Southern Africa College of Physicians' (ECSACoP's) strategic plan for developing well-trained physicians across the region.