The FallSafe project is about quality improvement. It focused on prevention and management of falls in clinical hospital wards in Southern England SHA. The project was led by the RCP, and overseen by key stakeholders including the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA), Royal College of Nursing (RCN), British Geriatrics Society (BGS), NHS South of England, and the patient support group Action against Medical Accidents (AvMA).


CareFall: Reducing inpatient falls risks and post fall management

    • An interactive e-learning tool for foundation level doctors has been developed in partnership with consultant geriatricians, junitor doctors and the patient safety team at NHS England. The tool covers the knowledge needed to identify and reduce patient and environmental risk factors to assist with reducing inpatient falls. Foundation-level trainees are often the first doctors to see a patient after a fall, so the e-learning course also covers the safe and effective management if a patient who falls in hospital.
    • CareFall is available on: as well as USB sticks whilst we also get this on the E-learning Repository and the Electronic Staff Record so that it is accessible by all foundation level doctors working in the NHS. If you would like more information or a USB stick contact:


Inpatient falls are common, and can often be prevented.

In England and Wales in 2008-9 there were at least 283,000 falls, with over 1065 serious injuries and at least 83 directly attributable deaths. FallSafe looked at what could be done about falls prevention at ward level. 
In May 2010, 16 inpatient wards from community, mental health and acute settings were selected across Southern England. All participating wards appointed a band 5/6 nurse to take on the role of FallSafe lead in addition to their current role for the duration of the project. The FallSafe lead was responsible for championing the cause of falls prevention on the ward by introducing a “bundle of care” on their ward. Success depended on engaging a multidisciplinary team and recording inpatient experience. Compliance of delivery of this bundle was reported monthly incorportating methods such as PDSA cycles (Plan-Do-Study-Act) to identify areas for improvement by FallSafe leads.
Training sessions were held bimonthly with the FallSafe leads covering each aspect of the care bundle as well as quality improvement methodology, organisational change management, and enabled networking and peer support. The leads developed confidence in leadership skills and abilities to promote change.

This 2 year project successfully implemented care bundles for falls prevention in a variety of wards within the Southern England Strategic Health Authority. It raised awareness that falls can be prevented and not just counted.

The FallSafe falls prevention resources were successful outputs from the project.

FallSafe extension work

The FallSafe work was extended to collect futher data as well as implement the project in a single NHS trust. This was in multiple wards but without the financial resources of the original 2 year project. For further information contact:


Falls prevention resources

The FallSafe falls prevention resources are available.

There are several falls prevention initiatives already active within the NHS. FallSafe is not a competing initiative; it is a major step forward in bringing together existing and new falls prevention resources. We hope that these resources are helpful in supporting your local initiatives to reduce harm to your patients from falls.

The resources contain the learning from the project, care bundle information and templates, and many other resources. Additional copies of most documents and the full project report are now available to download, but there are no more hard copy packs available.

There are even better access opportunities for healthcare staff as the course is also available via the e-Learning for Healthcare Learning Management System .

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