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Future Hospital Partners Network

What we are doing

The Future Hospital Partners Network is an active and evolving community of people who are champions for the Future Hospital (FH) model. We want to draw on the expertise, experience and enthusiasm of the Partners Network to inspire a social movement towards the realisation of the FH model and principles in action.

  • Sharing insights from the Future Hospital Programme (FHP) – Lessons learned by the FHP will be shared with the Partners Network to spread good practice and foster system-wide improvement in the care of medical patients.
  • Promoting innovative practice and sharing experiences of leading improvement – Through the Partners Network, the FHP will be sharing exclusive insights from people leading quality improvement work in line with the FH vision, and demonstrating real life examples of how the FH model can be put into practice.
  • Bringing the FH community together – The FHP will be hosting events and webinars to bring Partners Network members together to share ideas and learn from each other.
  • Providing you with information and resources to lead service improvement in your area – Through the Partners Network we will be showcasing initiatives and methodologies that can support you to deliver sustainable change in your organisations.

How to join the Future Hospital Partners Network

To join the Future Hospital Partners Network, and be the first to hear about opportunities to get involved, please sign up for the FH Partners Network e-newsletter by contacting futurehospital@rcplondon.ac.uk.

To join the conversation on Twitter follow @RCPLondon and use #FutureHospital.

What we have produced

Patricia Peal has been Worthing Emergency Floor project’s patient representative since 2014. In this Future Hospital blog, she discusses four key principles for successful patient involvement.

Melissa Almond, senior patient experience facilitator at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust, leads the collection of patient experience stories across the organisation.
The development sites teams at East Lancashire and North-west Surrey explain the importance of building good working relationships in sustainable service improvement projects.
A spotlight on two Future Hospital development site projects: Mid Yorkshire and central and south Manchester.
Two Future Hospital development sites share their experiences of data and analysis in their service improvement projects.

Martin Chadderton, data manager, is a member of the Sandwell and West Birmingham Future Hospital development site team. Here, he outlines what improvement really looks like in a real-world, complex project.

Patient and Carer Network representative Francesca Creighton Griffiths outlines how a respiratory service redesign project is involving patients in its work.
Future Hospital improvement analyst Matt Tite reflects on how an improvement analyst can support the effective collection and dissemination of data.
The 'Mastering the modern tools and methods of improvement – what do physicians need to know about quality improvement science?' seminar, hosted by the RCP's Future Hospital Partners Network, explores what physicians need to know about quality improvement science.
Simon Denegri, NIHR national director for patients and the public and chair for INVOLVE, calls for all research opportunities to be open and visible in the NHS.
Dr Penny Newman and Dr Andrew McDowell discuss health coaching and the behaviour change techniques that tap into a patient’s motivation.
Dr Mark Temple, Future Hospital officer, discusses how two presentations have made him think differently about approaches to enhancing acute medical services.
Considering seven myths about the relevance and fairness of patient experience surveys in UK hospitals and care settings.
Dr Olwen Williams, clinical lead for the Future Hospital development site project at Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board elaborates on her experiences collaborating with an online community of healthcare professionals, how social media can be used in the context of quality improvement and where to start.
Catherine Dale, programme manager for patient centred care at King's Health Partners Comprehensive Cancer Centre, talks candidly to the RCP’s Future Hospital Programme about the importance of involving patients in designing sustainable and successful hospital services.
Carol Caporn discusses the design and delivery of healthcare, strategies to challenge the hospital culture and her hopes for the future of person centred care as a Patient and Carer Network (PCN) member.
Dr John Dean, medical director (transformation) at East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust and the clinical lead for the Trust’s Future Hospital development site project, explains why joined up, integrated care is the only way forward for hospitals.
Lynne Quinney discusses how and why lay members, patient representatives and healthcare professionals must work together for a successful service.
Dr Zuzanna Sawicka describes the progress the team at Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust have made since their involvement with the Future Hospital Programme.

Shared decision making (SDM) and support for self-management (SSM) refer to a set of attitudes, roles and skills, supported by tools and organisational systems, which put patients and carers into a full partnership relationship with clinicians in all clinical interactions.