Future Hospital Programme

The Future Hospital Programme (FHP) was established to implement the recommendations of the Future Hospital Commission. These recommendations are based on the very best of our hospital services, taking examples of existing innovative and patient-centred services to develop a comprehensive model of care.

What we are doing

The Future Hospital Programme, developed from the Future Hospital Commission (September 2013), aims to implement the vision of improving care for medical patients by bringing medical specialist care closer to the patient wherever they are, in hospital or in the community.

Our work is underpinned by the 11 principles of patient care around which future healthcare services should be designed:

  1. fundamental standards of care must always be met
  2. patient experience is valued as much as clinical effectiveness
  3. responsibility for each patient’s care is clear and communicated
  4. patients have effective and timely access to care
  5. patients do not move wards unless this is necessary for their clinical care
  6. robust arrangements for the transfer of care are in place
  7. good communication with and about patients is the norm
  8. care is designed to facilitate self-care and health promotion
  9. services are tailored to meet the needs of individual patients, including vulnerable patients
  10. all patients have a care plan that reflects their individual clinical support needs
  11. staff are supported to deliver safe compassionate care and are committed to improving quality.

The lessons learned through the FHP will be collated and shared to spread innovative practice and nurture a powerful learning community, committed to system-wide improvement in the care of medical patients.

At the heart of the Programme is the need to change and improve services for patients. To debate and deliver this change, the RCP has created the Partners Network to collaborate with healthcare professionals working to deliver the high-quality care that the Commission envisaged.

Who's involved


Lord Leonard and Lady Estelle Wolfson Foundation

The RCP is extremely grateful to the Lord Leonard and Lady Estelle Wolfson Foundation who have provided grants for two research projects supporting:

  1. Future Hospital Programme: Integrated Diabetes Care in Oxfordshire
  2. Improved transition care

What we have produced

The Future Hospital Programme continues to implement the recommendations from the Future Hospital Commission.
In its first year, the Future Hospital Programme led projects looking at specific recommendations or principles outlined in the Future Hospital Commission.
The Future Hospital Commission was established by the RCP in 2012 to address growing concerns about the standards of care currently seen in hospitals.