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Healthcare improvement

Our objective is to create a sustainable framework and set of resources which empower and enable stakeholders to use NACAP data to facilitate improvements in the quality of asthma and COPD care.

Our approach

In collaboration with the Royal College of Physicians’ Education Directorate and the British Thoracic Society, NACAP are providing QI training to respiratory service teams in England and Wales via an online learning platform and virtual workshops.

We have also identified and trained 14 QI ‘Coaches’ to provide teams with a source of ongoing local support so that improvement projects maintain momentum.

We have combined clinical and educational expertise to deliver a QI programme that we hope to be both engaging and effective.

The programme will run between October 2021 and October 2022.

Quality improvement support

Generic and workstream specific QI support is available for everyone on the NACAP website. These include:

  • Recommendations for improvement priorities
  • Slidesets highlighting key findings from clinical audit reports, to inform and support clinical teams to make improvements.
  • Templates for driver diagrams, PDSA cycles and SMART aims.

QI support for COPD services
QI support for Pulmonary rehabilitation services
QI support for Adult asthma services
QI support for Children and young people’s asthma services

Examples of good practice

See our good practice repositories for ideas on how to drive improvements in your service or contact nacap@rcp.ac.uk if you have an example that you would like to share with others.