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Learning to Make a Difference (LTMD)

What we are doing

Learning to Make a Difference (LTMD) was a programme designed to empower junior doctors through the development of quality improvement skills, which can then be put into practice to make a real difference in patient care. It was initiated by the Royal College of Physicians of London (RCP) and the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board (JRCPTB).

LTMD is no longer an active programme now that quality improvement (QI) has been embedded into core medical training. However, information, resources and links will continue to be available to help trainees get QI projects underway.

Core medical trainees are also invited to submit posters for a dedicated showcase exhibition at the RCP's annual conference in June 2018.

What we have produced

Core medical and ACCS-AM trainees are invited to submit posters for a showcase exhibition at the Royal College of Physicians' Innovation in Medicine conference in June 2018.
Posters, presentations and podcasts of quality improvement projects showcased by core medical trainees and registrars at the RCP in July 2017.

Quality improvement (QI) tools to download, along with links to other organisations and initiatives concerned with QI in healthcare.

The two LTMD toolkits provide descriptions and samples of the various tools that are available to facilitate planning, implementation, ongoing monitoring and evaluation of trainees' quality improvement projects.
The RCP is inviting postgraduate trainees and educational supervisors to complete a 5-minute survey about their experiences with quality improvement work.