Learning to Make a Difference is all about empowering junior doctors to learn and develop skills in quality improvement and put these new skills into practice to make a real difference to their patient care. Find information and examples on how to get quality improvement projects started and keep going until the project is completed.


  • Use the resources, links and examples on this site to help get your project underway, then register your project on the LTMD database by emailing details of your name, project title, aim and hospital trust to LTMD@rcplondon.ac.uk.
  • Online support sessions for trainees take place on the first Monday evening of each month from 7 September at 8pm. Details of how to join are in the flyer at the bottom of this page.


Background to Learning to Make a Difference

The Royal College of Physicians of London and the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board (JRCPTB) worked together to demonstrate the feasibility for a core medical trainee to undertake and complete a quality improvement project in place of audit in a 4–6 month training period. 

Watch an interview with programme lead Dr Emma Vaux:

Why a quality improvement project?

Quality improvement projects represent a realistic and dynamic process that enable trainees to bring about a visible change to their training environment.  The methods and techniques learnt during the quality improvement project will help trainees to make change and enhance service quality throughout their careers.

The thoughts of Professors Jane Dacre and Bill Burr on the 2014 showcase event:

Next steps

We want more trainees to get involved in quality improvement projects over the next year. We want to provide the support for this through the resources available on this site and by developing support at local Trust level and central support from the college itself.

If you have any comments about the project or have difficulty finding any information, please contact LTMD@rcplondon.ac.uk.

Overview of the project

View the 2012 Clinical Medicine paper on introducing quality improvement methods to core medical trainees at the Clin-Med journal site

Last updated on: 28 August 2015

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