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The adult asthma clinical audit report 2019/20 is the second published report following the launch of the adult asthma clinical audit in November 2018.

The report presents data describing a cohort of adult patients in England, Scotland and Wales who were admitted to hospitals with an asthma attack and were discharged by 31 March 2020.

The report highlights three key areas for quality improvement (QI) in 2020/2021 and also includes a selection of case studies from participating hospital teams which showcase good practice.

The national adult asthma clinical audit report contains the key findings and recommendations, QI priorities and hospital case studies.
The adult asthma data analysis and methodology report contains all data tables from which the key findings are taken, as well as a hospital benchmarking section and audit methodology.
The adult asthma benchmarked key indicators report presents hospital level attainment for the adult asthma clinical audit report period for three components of asthma care.

Adult asthma clinical audit 2019/20 patient report

This report presents key findings and recommendations for patients, their families and carers in a summarised and accessible format.

Quality improvement (QI) focused slide set

This slide set pulls together the key findings of the report, with a QI focus.