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Annual report (version 2 published March 2021)

In August 2020 the National Lung Cancer Audit published its 15th annual report covering key performance indicator results for lung cancer services and patient outcomes for patients diagnosed during 2018.

Improvements are reported in early diagnosis, access to surgery, treatment with anti-cancer therapy, specialist nursing and survival for patients with stage III lung cancer.

The audit highlights inequalities across hospitals and makes recommendations around key areas for improvement. See also a quality improvement toolkit for clinical teams and information for patient and carers.

Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in spring/summer 2020, the outlier policy for this report was amended in line with NHS-wide changes to reduce burden on frontline clinical teams. The outlier process has now been completed and outlier information has been added to version 2 of the report. A change log is provided which outlines all the revisions made to version 2.

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