Consultant physicians working with patients - revised 5th edition

Consultant physicians working with patients provides comprehensive information for healthcare commissioning and service organisation of 28 medical specialties within the UK, and has now been updated to reflect the changes in the NHS commissioning arrangements since the enactment of the Health and Social Care Act 2012. It is an invaluable resource for the NHS clinical commissioning groups, hospital trusts, regional advisers, specialty leads and individual doctors, as well as government departments and leading healthcare bodies.

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Along with key points for commissioners within each specialty chapter, the book also lays out specialty workforce requirements and job plans, patterns of clinical work and referral, interspecialty organisation and standards of healthcare provision, which will be of interest to aspiring and newly qualified consultant physicians in the UK and abroad.

Consultant physicians working with patients will also help individual physicians and clinical teams demonstrate how the structures and resources described here will result in high-quality patient care, which is vital at a time when the NHS faces major financial constraints. The report underlines the importance of multidisciplinary team working, not just within the hospital but stretching out across primary, community and social care, to support integrated care for patients and bring care ‘closer to home’.