COPD Audit: Moving to continuous data collection and developing QI initiatives

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On 27 July 2016 the National COPD Audit Programme hosted an event at the Royal College of Physicians entitled 'Moving to continuous data collection and developing QI initiatives'. Slides and resources from this event have been made available for download.

Aims and objectives

The aim of this event was to share information about the secondary care audit’s move to continuous data collection, as well as to provide a forum for sites to share quality improvement (QI) work that has been put in place since the last round of audit, inspired by audit results.

An action plan template was developed with the Learning to Make a Difference (LTMD) team and the inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) audit team, based on the QI work undertaken by LTMD and the IBD audit team. This is also available for download below, and for usage by sites locally.

Event report

Following the event, a report containing all submitted and presented abstracts, as well as a summary of the quality improvement workshop, was produced.