End of Life Care Audit – Dying in Hospital: National report for England 2016

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Following the End of Life Care Audit – Dying in Hospital data collection in 2015, a number of reports and outputs have been produced which are now available to download.

End of Life Care Audit – Dying in Hospital: National report for England 2016

The End of Life Care Audit – Dying in Hospital: National report for England 2016 presents the results of the second biennial national audit of care of the dying in hospitals in England. This second round of audit is based on data collected during 2015 from two lines of enquiry – an organisational audit of services, as well as a case note clinical audit. An executive summary, which summarises the key findings and recommendations as presented in the full national report is also available to download. 

Quality Indicators for End of Life Care

In the report on the previous audit in 2013 we published a set of key performance indicators (KPIs), by which hospital trusts could benchmark themselves for future performance. The changing healthcare landscape and terminology have led us to re-conceive these as quality indicators (QIs) for this 2015 audit. A national and trust-level breakdown of achievement against these QIs can be found in the national report, and can also be downloaded separately. 

Hospital care in the last days to hours of life – a guide for patients, their families and carers

This guide is aimed at hospital patients nearing the end of their life and those who are important to them. It explains the essential care that patients should expect to receive during the last few days and hours of their life.