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Experience-based co-design: designing the future of hospital services

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In conversation with the RCP’s Future Hospital Programme, Catherine Dale, programme manager for patient-centred care at King's Health Partners Comprehensive Cancer Centre, talks candidly about the importance of involving patients in designing sustainable and successful hospital services.

Experience-based co-design (EBCD) was designed for and with the NHS to allow people – both patients and staff – to tell stories about their experiences with the hope of improving services and wellbeing. EBCD involves patients and staff working together to design what the future of that service will look like.

It gives teams a framework within which they can work together to identify how experiences can be improved for patients, their family and staff. Patients and staff are individually interviewed and short videos are prepared of the patients’ stories. After watching the video interviews, the same people are asked to work together in small groups of patients and staff to co-design solutions for the future.

The full interview is available in the attached 'Experience-based co-design'  download.