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Future Hospital Programme: Delivering the future hospital

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Delivering the future hospital is an account of the successes, challenges and learning from the Future Hospital Programme.

Key recommendations

The Delivering the future hospital report identifies six requirements that are key to improving patient care: 

  1. Ensure patients and carers are at the centre of healthcare design and delivery.
  2. Provide local support for teams to improve patient care in a financially constrained and politically exposed healthcare system.
  3. Develop a collaborative learning structure to enable healthcare teams to successfully implement improvement projects.
  4. Collect and analyse data to support ongoing improvements to patient care.
  5. Develop future clinical leaders.
  6. Partnership working between the RCP and local teams is an effective model for improving aspects of patient care.

Delivering the future hospital

Delivering the future hospital is an account of the successes, challenges and learning from the FHP in the 3 years between 2014 and 2017. Its purpose is to report on the findings of the FHP and its partners. The report is for healthcare professionals, patients and carers, commissioners and NHS managers.

The Future Hospital Programme has demonstrated that a patient-centred approach to improving services can help deliver better care for patients by more motivated, engaged staff.

Independent evaluation from the University of Liverpool

The Royal College of Physicians (RCP) commissioned an independent evaluation of the FHP by the Department of Health Services Research and School of Management at the University of Liverpool. There were two primary aims for the evaluation; to assess the impact of the FHP on patients, professionals and clinical processes; and to assess whether the implementation of the FHP model is sustainable and widely applicable.

Future Hospital Programme

The FHP was a multifaceted approach to implementing and evaluating the recommendations of the Future Hospital Commission report. The FHP worked with eight Future Hospital development sites, comprising multidisciplinary teams of physicians, nurses, managers, allied health professionals, social workers and patients on discrete projects aligned to the vision of the FHC.

Delivering the future hospital contains an overview of the improvement journey, outcomes and learning from each development site. In addition, to mark the end of their collaboration with the FHP, development site teams prepared a more detailed account of their experiences and learning. Both the summary and long-form reports are available to download below.