Health and social care in England: a quick guide

Health and social care in England provides guidance to support doctors and physician associates in understanding the structures of the NHS, who the key decision makers are and how you can make your voice heard.

What the guidance covers

This guide gives an overview of the decision making structures that operate in health policy and in the NHS. These affect how health and social care works at every level, from decisions in your local trust to the national direction set by politicians.

Health and social care in England includes stakeholders involved across the following aspects:

  • health funding
  • commissioning
  • regulation
  • education
  • decision making in trusts
  • adult social care.

Helping to change things for the better

We encourage RCP members and fellows to get involved in our policy campaigns in order to raise the profile of issues, but decision-making processes in health and social care can be complex and involve a large number of people.