The adult asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) organisational audit report 2019 is the first published organisational audit report following the launch of the National Asthma and COPD Audit Programme (NACAP) in March 2018.

The report presents data describing the resourcing and organisation of services relevant to the care of adult patients with asthma and COPD that are admitted to hospital. Data collection for this snapshot audit took place between 1 April and 1 July 2019 in England, Scotland and Wales. The report highlights key findings and recommendations and also includes a selection of case studies from participating hospital teams which showcase good practice.

Key recommendations

For providers across the sectors

We have defined two key national recommendations for 2020/21 based on the organisational audit data as follows:

  1. To resource and organise respiratory services to the national quality standards and guidelines highlighted in this report.
  2. To work with commissioners and with patients to achieve these standards.

For patients living with asthma and/or COPD and their carers

  1. Members of patient representative organisations should advocate for the universal implementation of national quality standards across all hospitals.
  2. Individuals should engage with local commissioners and hospitals through participation in patient experience groups to co-design service improvement.

For a full list of the recommendations see our downloadable national report .

How to use this report

This report comes in two parts:

  • Adult asthma and COPD organisational audit 2019: Audit report – this presents key findings and recommendations for providers across the service including: hospital teams, commissioners, sustainability transformation partnerships (STPs), health boards, specialist societies and patients and carers.
  • Adult asthma and COPD organisational audit 2019: Data analysis and methodology report – this contains the full data analyses from which the key findings and recommendations have been derived. The data are presented largely in tabular form, with explanatory notes throughout.

Please note that all appendices for this report, including the full methodology, can be found in the data report.


The national organisational audit report contains key findings and recommendations and includes hospital case studies which showcase good practice.
The data analysis and methodology report contains all data tables from which the key findings are taken, as well as a hospital benchmarking section and audit methodology.
The benchmarked key indicators report presents hospital level attainment for the adult asthma and COPD organisational audit report period.