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National Audit of Continence Care (NACC)

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The NACC was a highly successful and influential audit project building on the National Audit of Continence Care for Older People which demonstrated the variability of care and service delivery across the country. It subsequently showed how useful clinical audit is in improving continence care.

National Audit of Continence Care

The National Audit of Continence Care for older people was commissioned by the Healthcare Quality and Improvement Partnership. The first report was published in 2005 and subsequent audit reports were published in 2006 and 2010. These have regularly showed that there is a real need for an improvement in continence care for people with bladder and bowel problems. The latest report, published in September 2010, describes in detail the care given to almost 19,000 people with continence problems in a variety of NHS settings such as hospital wards, hospital outpatient clinics, mental health hospitals, GP surgeries and care homes.

Continence pilot audit evaluation report

In November to December 2011 the project team conducted a pilot continence audit. The pilot audit tested a new technology for national audit – short and concise with instant feedback and ability to compare practice between more than one site (eg two wards) and to compare results between cycles.

Patient involvement

A patient involvement element to the project has also been piloted. This includes patient experience questionnaires sent to users of local continence (bladder and bowel) services. The pilot evaluation report is available to download.