National audit of services for people with multiple sclerosis: archived 2008 reports

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The two key documents from the 2008 audit, the summary report and the full report, are available below.

Key recommendations

All NHS Organisations [unless they have no involvement at all with people with MS or services for them]

  • should have one specific person or role responsible for services for people with long-term neurological conditions including multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • should involve people with MS in setting standards, in service development and in commissioning
  • should have one specific person or role responsible for monitoring and reducing the rate of skin pressure ulceration.

Commissioning organisations

  • should commission specialist neurological rehabilitation services to enable every person with MS to have ready and rapid access to these services.

Acute trusts/ provider units

  • should ensure that any person with MS in their care for whatever reason has timely access to an expert neurology service and an expert neurological rehabilitation service
  • Should ensure that health professionals engage people with multiple sclerosis fully in all clinical decisions
  • should give people with multiple sclerosis information about relevant local non-statutory services as well as national services.

Department of Health

  • should review the organisational framework of the NHS so that one organisation becomes responsible for ensuring that the population of people with MS in a defined area has access to services that can meet all of their clinical needs in a timely way, across the whole range of problems they face, managed in a coordinated.