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National Mortality Case Record Review (NMCRR): Annual report 2018

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The National Mortality Case Record Review's annual report is intended to be of general interest to all healthcare professionals but is specifically aimed at those who are responsible for quality improvement within healthcare in addition to patient groups and healthcare users.

The NMCRR programme’s primary aim is to introduce a validated method of retrospectively reviewing deaths in the acute hospital setting. It uses a structured judgement methodology tool known as the structured judgement review (SJR).

This annual report sets out to describe:

  • the aims and objectives of the NMCRR programme
  • the detail of the development and implementation of the NMCRR programme
  • how the findings from mortality reviews can be translated into improvements in healthcare through the use of case studies by early adopters
  • the analysis of data gathered through the online platform in the form of a thematic review of sepsis.

Future work

The NMCRR programme will continue to support organisations and foster links with other mortality review programmes, as well as to describe areas of work that might naturally lead on from the initial programme. This might include establishing a 'community of support', extending relationships to general practice and secondary care specialisms as well as to other healthcare systems both within the UK and overseas.