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NHFD resource repository

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A repository of all resources produced by the National Hip Fracture Database (NHFD) for patients and carers.

Patient and carer resources

Hip fracture guide: a guide for family carers

If you're a carer and the person you care for fractures their hip, this guide will ensure that you are equipped with the information you need to support their recovery.

Your hip fracture: all about your hip fracture and what to expect on the road to recovery

A guide for patients who have fractured their hip, and their families and carers which explains what a hip fracture is, and answers questions about how you will be cared for before and after your operation.

Also available in Welsh: Fy ngofal ar ôl torri fy nghlun

Recovering after a hip fracture: helping people understand physiotherapy in the NHS

Hip fracture is a serious, life-changing injury that can affect older people, and is the commonest reason for them to need emergency anaesthesia and surgery. The Physiotherapy Hip Fracture Sprint Audit (PHFSA) was the biggest ever audit of UK physiotherapy, and has implications for physiotherapists working in many settings.