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The Patient and Carer Panel

The Falls and Fragility Fracture Audit Programme (FFFAP) is currently recruiting for volunteers to join our Patient and Carer Panel. Visit our Joining FFFAP's Patient and Carer Panel page to find out how to get involved.

Who we are

The Patient and Carer Panel is a group of 10 patient and carer volunteers who support the Falls and Fragility Fractures Audit Programme (FFFAP).

Established in October 2018 in partnership with the Royal Osteoporosis Society (ROS), the role of the Panel is to bring the patient and carer perspective to the overall FFFAP Programme each of its workstreams:

Panel members sit on each of the FFFAP Advisory Groups as well as the Programme’s Scientific and Publication’s Committee and Board. They review and provide comment on areas of work with a specific focus on:

  • the importance and relevance of the data that is collected to patients and the public
  • the methodologies used to collect and analyse data
  • the reports and other outputs that are produced using the data, with emphasis on those designed for the public
  • quality improvement initiatives led by FFFAP
  • the development and future direction of Falls and Fragility Fracture audits.

Our aim is to put patients at the centre of quality improvement. 

I strongly believe that, through meaningful involvement of patients and carers, the lay person can have a voice in shaping safer and ever more patient centric services in the future.

Lynne Quinney, Patient Panel member

Learning from experience

There is a lot of evidence that meaningful patient engagement not only improves patient experience and satisfaction, but can also make services more effective. All major policy drivers make it clear that we must carry on embedding good practice in patient experience and engagement in all that we do. This is to make sure that the views of patients and the public are heard and inform decision making.

With this aim in mind, the Panel provides an influential platform on which members can discuss their experiences as a patient or carer, identify areas for improvement, and inform a variety of guidance and resources which can be found in the 'Downloads' & webpage links below: