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RCPQI: RCP quality improvement resources

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A collection of RCP quality improvement resources including guides, project reports and links.

RCPQI guides

Guides to assist with the planning and implementation of improvements to healthcare services

A list of guides and toolkits for each stage of a quality improvement (QI) project, including specialty-specific resources
A list of tools and guidance to assist with service planning for commissioners or providers, arranged by subject
Guidance for completing a patient–centred service review
Further guidance for shadowing patients

Engineering better care

An interactive platform that hosts the Engineering Better Care Report is now live. The product of a joint project between the RCP, The Royal Academy of Engineering and the Academy of Medical Sciences, this work explores how a systems engineering approach could be applied to healthcare.

QI talks and presentations

Quality improvement talks and presentations

NMCRR Conference- Dr John Dean's talk on the topic of quality improvement

In this video Dr John Dean address the audience at the National Mortality Care Record Review conference on the topic of quality improvement. Themes covered include the difference between improving quality and quality improvement, examples of good practice from around the UK and the RCP's approach to embedding quality improvement as a core part of professionalism. 

Innovating for Improvement: "Unleashing - a model for sustainability and spread of innovation and improvement”

The RCP and RUBIS.QI have been supporting The Health Foundation's innovating for improvement programme over the last 12 months. The video above was the latest webinar, chaired by Anna Burhouse- RUBIS.Qi director with keynote speaker Becky Margiotta- Principal and Owner of The Billions Institute. 

Innovating for Improvement supports teams to test and develop innovative approaches and ideas to improve health and social care delivery and/or self-management of health in the UK. This round of the programme has a particular focus on supporting the workforce to improve quality of care.

In this webinar Becky shares her thoughts about the importance of sustainability and spread in improvement and innovation methodology. The Billions Institute has developed what they call ‘Model for unleashing’ which defines how to achieve success in large-scale change. This approach moves away from the traditional management model of control and describes how to create structure and conditions that make it possible spread and scale of change to occur.