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Rebuilding the NHS

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Now that the initial COVID-19 peak has passed, the RCP is working with its members and NHS leaders to understand the scale of the challenge ahead in rebuilding services and plan what needs to happen in the coming months.

The RCP believes that our healthcare system must not simply return to how it was pre-pandemic. From routine care to reducing health inequalities, particularly for people from ethnic minority backgrounds, we have the opportunity to embed long term improvements.

This page details the work done by the RCP, particularly with the medical specialties, to support the resetting and rebuilding of services. It also links to useful resources produced by NHS England and other health organisations.nd care services will take many months (May 2020)

    RCP resources

    • RCP Player - reset of services
      A series of videos from physicians and NHS leaders, outlining how services are being reset and challenges being addressed in a number of different specialties.
    • Returning the NHS to an even keel (June 2020)
      Providing insight into the challenges facing medical specialties, this briefing shows that almost half of physician specialities, including cardiology, gastroenterology and rheumatology, expect to be working at less than previous pre-COVID activity levels for at least 12 months or more.
    • Priorities for future COVID-19 wave planning (July 2020)
      This briefing outlines the RCP's six priorities for future COVID-19 wave planning, covering estate, flu vaccine, workforce, PPE, partnership working and workforce.
    • Rebuilding the NHS – RCP priorities for the rebuilding of services (June 2020)
      Stressing the need to do things differently to embed improvements and tackle health inequalities, this statement lists nine priorities including improving the design of services such as outpatients, tackling our ongoing workforce challenges and protected time for clinicians to engage in quality improvement, service redesign and research.

    • Rebuilding the NHS - Resetting outpatient services for the 21st century in the context of COVID-19 (July 2020)
      This statement by the RCP and the RCP and Royal College of General Practitioners outlines how primary and secondary care should work collaboratively to reset outpatient services. Financial reform to introduce a “blended” payment model is needed by the NHS to encourage these necessary changes.
    • Response to Health Select Committee inquiry on delivering core services (April 2020)
      Highlighting findings from two membership surveys on the significant impact of COVID-19 on the workforce, this submission called on the government to bring forward the NHS People Plan without delay, supported by additional funding to place the NHS workforce on a stronger footing for the years ahead.

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