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Research engagement starter kit

One of the biggest barriers to clinical participation in research in the NHS is perceived lack of skills, according to the findings from the recent RCP research survey. Yet three-quarters of respondents also see being involved in research as a way to develop a wider set of skills.

As part of the RCP research strategy, this online resource will support you to find out more about research and how to develop your research skills, wherever you are in your career. 

This page explores research from the perspective of doctors by offering first-hand experience and guidance from those who have engaged in research, useful resources and practical guidance about how to go about conducting research for the first time. It is an updated version of the 'Research engagement toolkit', developed in partnership with the National Institute for Health Research. 

Why get involved in research? 

How to get involved 

There are many different routes to research via an academic pathway or starting at any point in your career. Find out about how Dr Elena Nikiphorou took a flexible pathway into clinical research or learn about the flexible portfolio training initiative. The following links will give you more information on academic routes to research: 

Integrated academic training pathways offer formal training in research alongside clinical training. The UK Foundation Programme or NIHR Integrated Academic Training Programme and NIHR Academy provide further information. In Wales you can follow the Wales Clinical Academic Track or if you are based in Northern Ireland you can find out more from the NI Medical and Dental Training Agency and in Scotland, the Scottish Medical Training website

To get involved in quality improvement and audit research you can view a collection of resources from the RCP or take an RCP course

Useful resources from across the research sector 

Further links