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SINAP - Data Transparency

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The Stroke Improvement National Audit Programme (SINAP) was a national clinical audit which collected information from hospitals in England about the first 72 hours of acute stroke care.

Using the same indicators for each quarterly report enabled comparisons over time to be illustrated. The evidence base behind these Key Indicators can be found in appendix 2 of the PDF version of the report. The total number of records and the number of records per hospital submitted in each quarter is also included in the table to give context to each hospital's results.

The column headings in the table have been abbreviated; please find the list of abbreviated column headings and their corresponding descriptions in Sheet 2 of the spreadsheet. Please also refer to the guidance for interpreting SINAP results, also in Sheet 2.

Only hospitals which directly admit acute stroke patients were eligible to participate in SINAP. 70% of eligible hospitals in England were included in the final quarterly report. Non participating hospitals are named in the report.

Data submission for SINAP has now ended. The new stroke audit, the Sentinel Stroke National Audit Programme (SSNAP), is now the single source of stroke data nationally. SSNAP collects a minimum dataset for every stroke patient since December 2012.

Who's involved


SINAP was run by the RCP Stroke programme on behalf of the Intercollegiate Stroke Working Party (ICSWP) and commissioned by the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP).