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Stroke Peer Review Scheme

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Since 2006 the Royal College of Physicians, in association with the British Association of Stroke Physicians (BASP) and the Stroke Association, has run a peer review service for trusts in the UK. As part of the service hospitals are visited by a multidisciplinary review team of highly experienced clinicians and managers as well as patient representatives who are trained in conducting the stroke peer reviews.

Stroke peer review visits are usually requested by stroke networks or by NHS trusts directly. Review visits can cover a single hospital or multiple sites. The focus of a review can be any part of the stroke pathway eg acute care, rehabilitation or TIA service. Recommendations are given on the day of the visit and a full report is issued soon after a review.

A peer review of stroke services aims to:

  • support hospitals and trusts’ implementation of change in response to findings of relevant local, regional and national sentinel stroke audits
  • advise clinical support teams, hospitals and trusts on the appropriate facilities and staffing to provide a safe and comprehensive stroke service
  • establish that arrangements and protocols are in existence to meet service specifications and standards in the National Clinical Guidelines for Stroke
  • promote discussion and the exchange of ideas between the reviewers and the reviewed, to offer general support to trusts to help improve their stroke services
  • reassure the public and the government that stroke medicine is being practised to a high standard and to assist with the promotion of equitable access to stroke services.

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