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Top tips: person-centred care

The RCP aims to develop a shared understanding of what person-centred care means for the patients in a hospital environment, and what steps can be taken to improve their experiences through an ongoing conversation with members and patients.

RCP clinical vice president Professor David Oliver gives an introduction to person-centred care.

In autumn 2017, the RCP facilitated a conversation between doctors and patients about person-centred care in the acute setting. Although there are many examples of outstanding person-centred care, physicians felt that good practice existed to varying degrees across the healthcare system, and patients agreed, expressing that their experiences had varied.

The RCP's top tips for person-centred care have four key components:

  • improve communication
  • help patients identify priorities and concerns
  • involve patients in care and treatment planning, and decision making
  • assess patient experience and gather feedback.

This guide has been produced in partnership with the RCP Patient and Carer Network and the RCP would like to thank workshop participants for their valuable contribution.