Quality Improvement Hub

The Quality Improvement (QI) Hub aims to bring together existing quality improvement work within the RCP, as well as developing new infrastructure and approaches, to support and promote a continuously improving healthcare system.

What we are doing

The Quality Improvement Hub works with other projects across the RCP to develop QI resources, tools and methodologies, and combine them with courses, coaching and networking to support clinicans and healthcare workers in their quality improvement work. By acting as a repository for QI work, the hub aims to make quality improvement easily accessible to all doctors and support physicians in developing and providing safe, timely, evidence-based, efficient and patient-centred care to achieve the RCP's strategic aim of improving quality.

The context and aims of the QI Hub were outlined in a recent article in the Future Hospital Journal.


What we have produced

A collection of quality improvement resources including guides, project reports and links.

Starting in Summer 2017 the Quality Improvement (QI) Hub will be running educational courses for clinicians and other healthcare professionals who are interested in learning more about various aspects of quality improvement.