RCP policy: Brexit

Brexit will be a very important issue for patients and doctors and therefore the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) is seeking to ensure the best outcome after the UK leaves the EU.

What we are doing

Our priorities are outlined in a series of Brexit briefings:

We have also endeavoured to answer our members' frequently asked questions about Brexit.

In addition to these documents, you will find the RCP's position on the impact on healthcare of the UK's withdrawal from the EU explained further in our other Brexit material:

Call for views before the referendum

Before the EU referendum was held in June 2016, we published responses from our fellows and members – along with health organisations closely connected to the RCP – answering our call for views on how the result might specifically affect healthcare and public health in the UK.

What we have produced

The Royal College of Physicians has answered some of the frequently asked questions from our members about how Brexit will impact on them and their patients.
The NHS is already understaffed and overstretched so the RCP seeks reassurance that doctors from the EU can remain in the UK and that the UK is an attractive place to work in future.
The RCP wants to see the UK's access to EU funding for medical research continue after Brexit along with access to a fast and robust system for patients to access new treatments.
The RCP wants the UK to retain EU regulation on air quality and seek to continue implementation of its pollution reduction targets.
The RCP wants the UK to continue to share expertise and information with colleagues in Europe, so that patients benefit from networks based across the continent.
The RCP seeks sufficient guarantees that patients will continue to have access to necessary treatment and care outside the UK after Brexit.
The RCP’s four-point plan outlines the profession’s key calls for the next government, to ensure that the NHS is adequately resourced.
The RCP’s response calls on the government to introduce a positive and welcoming migratory system for doctors to ensure a sustainable and safe NHS.
The NHS must ensure that patient care remains at the heart of the Brexit negotiations to ensure that UK patients can continue to access the latest treatments.
A briefing produced by the RCP before the House of Commons health debate on the Queen’s speech on 28 June 2017.
The RCP in Wales has responded to the National Assembly for Wales External Affairs and Additional Legislation Committee inquiry into the implications for Wales of Britain exiting the European Union. 
Briefing prepared for Chuka Umunna MP ahead of the adjournment debate on ‘funding for the NHS after the UK leaves the EU’, on 15 November 2016.
The RCP responds to the Health Select Committee's inquiry on the priorities for health and social care in the negotiations on the UK's withdrawal from the EU.
The RCP welcomes the opportunity to submit written evidence to this inquiry by the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee.
A briefing prepared by the RCP ahead of the House of Lords debate on the effect of the EU referendum result on staffing levels within the NHS and social care.