Introduction to health economic evaluation

Economic evaluation and its application in evidence-based medicine.

This online course is an introductory, flexible and practical e-learning package that consists of 2 hours of CPD-approved online training. This interactive learning will introduce the principles of health economics and its use in evaluating healthcare interventions and informing decision making regarding adoption of these interventions in clinical practice.

Feedback from a healthcare professional after completing the module:

'An excellent module outlining key concepts, terminology and methods in health economics/economic evaluation.'

Frequently Asked Questions

What does this e-learning package cover?

This package describes: • the role of health economic evaluation and its different types • how resources are costed • how health gain is measured • how we assess the cost-effectiveness of healthcare interventions to promote efficient use of healthcare resources.

Who should purchase this e-learning package?

Physicians, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals or managers who are interested in learning the basic principles of economic evaluation and how it is used as a tool to support healthcare providers in making decisions regarding which interventions to fund and make available. The examples are from a UK NHS perspective but the principles can be applied in other settings.

Why should I buy this package?

Beyond the comprehensive learning included, the package offers a range of features: • Interactivity: The package is interactive with engaging content and the opportunity to navigate the learning according to the needs of the user. • Range of activities: This package includes e-lessons, key readers, videos, interactive scenarios and quizzes. • Educational: The package has been designed in a way that optimises the learning experience and will help you develop your understanding of the topic, with both practical and theoretical knowledge. • RCP expertise: Built, developed and tested by RCP faculty with extensive experience and expertise across different specialties and grades. • Mobile-optimised: The content is optimised to work on mobile browsers and portable devices.

Does this module offer CPD accreditation?

This module offers two external CPD credits. Please note that the entire package must be completed in order to gain CPD credits. If compulsory activities are not completed or are completed and score below the pass mark of 60%, users will not be able to claim a CPD certificate.

How much does it cost?

The following prices are inclusive of VAT: £30 – full price (this is at a rate of £15 per hour of learning provided) £27 – RCP members and fellows (this is the standard RCP discount of 10%). For any trust or hospital purchasing multiple licences (one per doctor) discounts are available. Contact for details.

What are the IT requirements?

Browser compatibility: • Internet Explorer 7 or later
• Safari 5 or later
• Firefox 3.5 or later
• Chrome 10 or later. Remember to download the latest version of your browser when an update is available, and delete your internet history regularly, as this helps to avoid accessibility issues. PC/Mac spec: • PC running Windows Vista 7 or later
• Mac running Mac OS 10.7 or later
• Adobe Flash Player 6.0.79 or later. Mobile devices: All content can be accessed on PCs, Macs and iPads. Please note that e-lessons and quizzes can now also be completed on iPads, with Mobile Safari in Apple iOS 5.0 or later. Please be advised that mobile browsers and operating systems can cause some inconsistency in display and therefore quizzes especially are usually best completed on a desktop for optimum interaction.

How long will I have access for?

You will have full access to the package for 3 months. Please note that you can download PDFs as well as quick guides and useful links.

I am unable to view the videos – what can I do?

Playback of multimedia content such as videos can vary, depending on your network performance and settings. In particular, some NHS trusts do not allow videos to be viewed. This e-learning package requires access to the videos in order to complete CPD activities, so those attempting to access the modules from within trusts that do not meet the IT requirements may want to access the learning from home or another computer outside the trust.

Is support available as part of the package?

A support contact is available via email and will respond to any query within 2 working days. Please email the e-learning team at or phone: +44 (0)20 3075 1422 with any queries.

Can I purchase multiple licenses as a package for healthcare professionals?

We offer a package for any trust or hospital purchasing multiple licences. This includes additional features such as reporting, jointly-branded documentation and discounts. Please contact for more information.

Do you offer any training that I can attend in person?

Not at present, but we are developing a suite of three 1-day workshops.