Trainees Committee vacancies

The RCP is looking for enthusiastic postgraduate trainees to fill positions on the RCP London Trainees Committee (TC).

Members range from ST1s to medical registrars. The committee currently meets three times per year and the meetings are designed to encourage free and open debate in a relaxed atmosphere. The RCP committees you will represent your peers on usually also meet thrice yearly – so you need to be able to be released from your hospital / research for around 6 days / year

The TC aims to ensure medical trainees’ views are represented across all aspects of the RCP’s work. Its members serve on all the major college committees (including seats on Council). We can, and do make a difference to how the RCP thinks and develops. We also sit on committees in JRCPTB, at the BMA, and the Academy of Royal Medical Colleges as well as lobbying government directly when the need arises, as it has recently.

We are trying hard to revitalise the committee making us more transparent and accountable to the trainees we represent and will be expanding our availabililty and work in every Deanery. It is a time of great opportunity with the spotlight on trainees with regards to contracts and industrial action to influence decision making about our training and our futures and thereby help the healing process and improve morale.

Come join us and make medicine brilliant again!

We currently have vacancies in:

  • KSS
  • Northern
  • East Midlands
  • West Midlands
  • Yorkshire
  • Peninsula x 2
  • Wessex x 2
  • Northern Ireland
  • Wales
  • Mersey 
  • North Western

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