Champions Network

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The FLS Champions Network is housed in an interactive web-based forum that allows members to share best practice in FLS and secondary fracture prevention. It was initially set up as part of the FLS-DB and led by the RCP and is now managed by the National Osteoporosis Society (NOS). 

Members of the network include all healthcare professionals that share a specialist interest in FLS. It is not a requirement to have an FLS to become an FLS champion; some members are actively engaged in FLS, while others may join the network to gain a greater understanding and insight into FLS. This has been led by the FLS Implementation Group which brings together the key national stakeholders active in this area, and includes the development and dissemination of a range of FLS resources to support service development or improvement.

FLS clinical standards

The NOS has developed FLS clinical standards which provide the core standards that every FLS should meet to ensure that correct identification, investigation, information, intervention and integration with primary care are achieved, within a framework of quality, to the long-term benefit of fracture patients - the 5IQ approach.